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Vision III mentioned in Bill Roberts future of Adobe article

Posted by Nikhil on 07/31 at 04:19 PM in

"One could argue that one of the reasons 3D hasn’t really picked up is because we haven’t fully mastered its powers and avoided its technical dangers, and that they have added little artistic value. What do you think is key to these new technologies avoiding the same pitfalls?"

A big thank you to Bill Roberts for plugging Vision III Imaging in his response to this particular question in his interview about the future of Adobe and its workflow. His plug for Vision III Imaging relates to the partnership that we'd had with Adobe in creating the QuickS3D plug-in for Premiere Pro and After Effects and how our plug-in helps lower production costs for 3D media in the Adobe workflow. This is part of the ongoing effort by Vision III Imaging(and Adobe) to provide good workflows for the average 3D media consumer to produce professional quality work.






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