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Stereoscopic 3D - Do Ad Agencies Really Care?

Posted by Nikhil on 06/24 at 01:21 PM in

The lights go down in the movie theater, in anticipation you put on your 3D glasses only to see that the content being projected in 2D. Waite a minute, you paid twelve dollars for this 3D movie and all the surrounding content is being displayed in 2D?


Hold on, this makes no sense! Your an advertiser with a captive audience and your displaying your next great product or service offering in 2D? Why?


How many times has this happened to you?


To this point, the ad industry has taken a back seat when it comes to incorporating stereoscopic 3d into ad campaigns. There has been much talk, but little to no response.


Disney “Ad Lab” in Austin, Texas recently performed a comprehensive study with adverting professionals in regards to viewers response to 3D ads, during the coverage of ESPN's 2010 World Cup. The testing consisted of a 1,000 sessions within 2,700 lab hours. The audience response was overwhelmingly positive in favor of 3D advertising.


On average, viewer purchase intent increased from 49% to 83% when comparing a 2D to 3D ad, recall increased from 68% to 83%, ad enjoyment grew from 65% to 70% and overall presence went from 42% to 69%.


This study definitely shows the positive affect and retention value is much higher for viewers when it comes to 3d advertising. As well, Xpand and Texas Instruments have done studies that have shown the attributes of 3D ads, with the average increase in viewer retention at 15%.


With the emergence of new 3d technologies, easier to use hardware, greater number of production companies understanding 3D workflows, post-production becoming streamlined, 2D to 3D conversion more prevalent and growing numbers of distribution channels, you would think ad agencies would welcome this new media environment.


Only time will tell. Personally, I'm betting on 3d. The ad agencies, I'm not so sure.


#1. Posted by Von Mazzillo on July 22, 2011

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#2. Posted by Walter Pollard on August 02, 2011

Thanks Von! I appreciate it.

#3. Posted by iPhone on August 07, 2011

I was thinkin something educational aimed at a younger age group but any ideas will get me thinkin.

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I was thinkin something educational aimed at a younger age group but any ideas will get me thinkin.iPhone\n





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