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Convert 2D Videos to 3D on Youtube

Posted by Nick Leach on 10/03 at 10:24 AM in

YouTube recently announced that it now offers 2D to 3D conversion on all videos that users have uploaded. With just the click of a button your 2D video can now be viewed in 3D (to see how it works click here). While this feature is quite a development, it definitely is no substitute for replacing professional conversion. It also should not be thought of as a way to replace shooting in 3D. When possible it is always best to shoot in 3D rather than try to convert 2D to 3D later.

\n\n\nThe process that YouTube seems to use is one where it takes the 2D image, doubles it and then separates it an arbitrary amount. This creates parallax that is equal throughout the picture without any convergence point giving the illusion that the picture is set back in the screen. So while yes the whole frame is set back in space, nothing within the picture seems to have much depth in relation to each other. Compare this to a professional 2D to 3D conversion process and you will notice there is a convergence point along with multiple levels of separation in the image producing a better 3D image.

\n\n\nThough YouTube's 2D to 3D conversion process is less than ideal, it is a great way to get people more excited about 3D. It will also lead to much more 3D content being available thus creating a supply that previously had not been there before. YouTube had 3D options before but only for those videos which were produced in 3D. Now everyday users can take their 2D videos and create 3D from them.






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