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CableLabs Delivers 3D Content Encoding Specifications For Cable TV

Posted by Nikhil on 09/02 at 04:17 PM in


\n\nCableLabs recently announced that it has published a new specification as a guide for producers, programmers and aggregators of stereoscopic 3D programming. This new specification documentation,


Content Encoding Profiles 3.0 Specification outlines in detail the exact requirements for formatting or “panelizing” the 3D content into a frame-compatible format for use by cable television systems.


The new CEP specification replaces the previous VOD-Content Encoding Profile 2.0 specification that was widely used within the industry. This new specification builds upon the existing 2D coding framework defined by the previous version of this document and will be used as the reference for both 2D and 3D video coding going forward. It represents the first step in a continuing process to define 3D formats for cable television that works with existing equipment and infrastructure. Work continues at CableLabs on the development of standards for the delivery of future 3D delivery systems that will expand the resolution and the quality as new equipment becomes available.




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