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3D Technology Enhances Secret Service Training

Posted by Nikhil on 01/26 at 02:28 PM in

The Secret Service has developed a software training system called Site Security Planning Tool (SSPT), which incorporates video-game technology and 3d modeling for simulation of real world security threats.


The virtual system includes, three kiosks each attached to projectors and screens with the imagery driven through a computer running the game simulator Virtual Battle Space (VBS2). Each kiosk environment can include a team of four, conducting briefings and simulated security training displayed on a large wall-mounted LED 3D TV monitor.


The 3D technology offers service members more realistic training scenarios against chemical, biological or radiological attacks, armed assaults, suicide bombers and other threats. The more realistic training the better, when it comes to preparation for security threats.


Future enhancements to SSPT technology will include simulated health effects and crowd behaviors of a chemical, radiological or biological attack, better preparing personnel for multiple scenarios.


Source: Layer 8


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