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3D Tablet PC ‘96 LG G -Tablet

Posted by Nikhil on 02/04 at 09:11 AM in News Items


Now LG has confirmed that the LG G-Tablet, the company’s freshly-detailed 8.9-inch Android 3.0 Honeycomb slate, will support not only 3D video capture via a pair of cameras on the back, but on-device 3D playback too.


Rather than using an auto-stereoscopic panel, as on the 3DS, LG’s 8.9-inch G-Tablet display is too large for such image trickery to comfortably – and affordably – work. Instead, it uses a regular display and then relies on glasses to bring the 3D to life. It’s a new strategy among Android tablets – or, indeed, tablets in general – and it certainly helps to differentiate LG’s spec sheet among the growing list of rivals like Motorola’s XOOM.


Now, 3D HDTV owners are used to glasses, as are those who’ve made the trek to their nearest 3D cinema or IMAX. The concept of sitting through a two hour film while wearing a pair (or two pairs, if you’re already a specs-wearer) isn’t foreign, though even the experts argue about how much value 3D adds. Wearing glasses at home is one thing – you know where they are each time, and you don’t have to navigate anything other than your remote control – but a mobility device like a tablet is a very different story.


The 3D tablet PC concept will be a very interested play in the consumer advertising market.


Source: Slash Gear






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