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3D still alive and healthy?

Posted by Nikhil on 08/04 at 05:23 PM in

The answer is uncertain but 3D technology may be the key to keeping you alive and healthy. Since its overhype and failure in the entertainment industry, stereoscopic technology has struggled to find a place in today's world but it might have just found a foothold in the healthcare industry particularly in the rising field of stereoscopic surgery.

The reason for this newfound niche is easily understood. Visual information is very critical to safe and effective surgical outcomes. The increased amount of spatial information provided by stereoscopic viewing helps doctors understand 3D spatial relationships among anatomical structures which in turn helps them to make accurate and quick decisions during a surgery that might just save your life. This is why real-time stereoscopic camera technology is now making its way into endoscopic procedures and laparoscopic surgeries(minimal invasive keyhole surgeries). This new stereoscopic augmented reality technology is now creating a new wave of demand for stereoscopic camera technologies, and related production and editing tools.

Check out how Vision III Imaging's parallax visualization technologies can aid surgical procedures here. (Warning:the video link can be a little graphic as it has surgical images)






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