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2D to 3D Conversions: Are They Worth It?

Posted by Nick Leach on 11/10 at 01:08 PM in

Absolutely! The conversion process of a standard 2D movie to a 3D version typically costs less than what it would to produce a stereoscopic 3D movie. Many people would argue that the 2D to 3D conversions that have been released were done poorly and do not match the level of quality that can be achieved from shooting in 3D. However, the conversion process has only improved as technologies and workflows have evolved.\n

\nIt is a safe bet to say, the 2D to 3D conversions of upcoming rereleases Titanic and The Phantom Menace will be done well given the minds behind these films. And should these films be successful conversions, there will be a scramble for studios to raise the bar. As pointed out by 3DTV, there is huge upside potential for the 2D to 3D conversion market as classics could be converted and enjoyed in a new medium. Virtually any film ever produced could be converted.\n

\nThis would be a huge leap for the 3D video market as a whole. Skymovies chief Ian Lewis believes that successful 2D to 3D conversions are what will bring 3D to the masses. Given the fact that converting a film is much cheaper than shooting in stereoscopic 3D. This will be very interesting to see where the market goes once the conversion process catches up in quality to material that was shot in 3D.






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