AX4 Digital Cinema Lens System

Increase Digital Cinema "Realism" with Texture and Depth enhancement

About the AX4 Digital Cinema System

The v3 AX4 parallax scanning unit is designed for PL-mount Digital Cinema and Extreme Tele Zoom - ENG/EFP lenses. The patented technologies employ a unique optical technique for capturing 360 degrees of parallax three-dimensional information over time. This is accomplished using the v3 Digital Parallax Scanning iris mechanism (DPS®). The AX4 has been configured to work with the Thales-Angenieux Optimo DP and 40x lenses, both of which exhibit high optical quality and precise mechanical systems that are ideal for the 3D and 2D production arena.

Ease of Display with Parallax

The parallax information provided by a moving iris allows for a more naturally unified three-dimensional perception by the viewer. The AX4 inserts into the lens' optical path, at or near the plane of the iris, allowing for parallax views to be captured. Digital Cinema and HD video shot using AX4-equipped lenses can be recorded using industry standard cameras, and projected in theaters and/or broadcast to the home - with no additional equipment required.

3D Markets

Two Digital Cinema lenses equipped with AX4 units can be configured in a v3D® stereoscopic manner, capturing 3D imagery using conventional side-by-side or mirror rigs. Stereoscopic images captured in v3D produce a superior and more realistic three-dimensional perception, which translates into strain-free viewing and incredibly immersive visual content. DPs and Stereographers can use v3D to create more compelling 3D content than with traditional 3D - all without changes in the 3D production workflow. The result is a dramatically improved viewing experience with little or no eyestrain. In addition to producing superior 3D content, a single channel (left or right) of a v3D production can be released as a depth-enhanced v3 image that will play on standard 2D displays. The AX4 is a unique and valuable stereoscopic creative tool.

Operation Made Simple

Camera operators have convenient access to the features of the AX4 via a standard v3 (or similar) hand-control unit. Parallax scan tracking is automatic, and changes according to focal length while zooming. The AX4 software allows parallax scan functions to be customized by the operator. Addition remote controls are also available for wireless and tethered operation.

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