AX3 HD Lens System

Adding Depth and Texture to HD Broadcast Television

AX3 HD Lens System- Simple and Easy to Use

The v3 AX3 unit inserts into the camera lens' optical path at or near the plane of the iris, allowing parallax views to be captured. The AX3 unit features simple parallax scan controls that are set and customized by the camera's operator, and the onboard software offers function parameter preset features that can be easily set and "triggered" while shooting. Parallax scan tracking is automatic, and adjusts according to focal length while zooming. Additional remote controls are also available for wireless and tethered operation.

Broadcast Ready

v3 footage scales to display on televisions, computer monitors, and mobile handsets-and requires no production changes, post-processing, or special viewing equipment. HD video shot using AX3-equipped lenses can be recorded using industry-standard cameras, and the "v3 look" can be broadcast live-without post-processing or any additional equipment. This unit is popular in every segment of the broadcast arena, including live television sporting events, episodic television, reality television, on-air promotional advertising, Web video, and live broadcast events.


The AX3 unit is currently compatible with Angenieux 19x and 26x HD ENG lenses, as well as Fujinon 18x, 22x, and 23x HD ENG lenses. The unit is currently available for rent or long term lease by calling 703.639.0670.

If you are interested in the AX3 HD Lens System, please contact Vision III:
phone: 703-476-6762

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