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Get to know the team behind Vision III Imaging

Chris Mayhew is the CEO & President of Vision III Imaging, Inc. He has focused his efforts on the research and development of parallax over time technologies, such as parallax scanning and critical alignment. Chris has extensive experience in project management of new imaging technology research and development. He is responsible for the development of the v3 parallax scanning AX3 ENG zoom lens units, the AX4 digital cinema zoom lens units, and the PL-mount MOE prime lenses. Several leading engineering forums, including the SMPTE Journal, the NAB proceedings, and the SPIE proceedings; have published his work. Chris is responsible for eighteen of the company's patents and is well versed in foreign and domestic patent practices, technology licensing, and business intellectual property issues. Recently he led his team at Vision III to develop the autostereoscopic WAMI/FMV ISR software toolset for AFRL (PV Plug-in).

Sanjay Oak is a Senior software engineer at Vision III Imaging who joined recently in September 2013. He graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Moscow, Russia with a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and a Master's degree in Operations Research from the University Of Texas at Austin. Sanjay is working towards developing a plugin for the Adobe Premier Pro that will work with and complement the other existing QuickS3D plugin for Adobe Premiere. In his spare time, Sanjay likes to travel around the world with his family.

Ji Gou is a Software Engineer at Vision III Imaging. He joined Vision III recently in February 2014. He graduated from Peking University, China with a Bachelor's degree in Atmospheric Science and a Master's degree in the same major from Columbia University in New York City. Ji will work with plugins for the Adobe Premier Pro. In his spare time, Ji likes to play badminton and table tennis.

Nikhil Sureshkumar is the Product Manager at Vision III. He graduated from Purdue University in 2012 with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. After being involved in various embedded systems design at Purdue, Nikhil turned towards web development and joined Vision III in late 2012 as the website manager and developer. Since then, he has worked in various projects at Vision III Imaging Inc. and has taken on a versatile role as Product Manager. In his spare time, Nikhil enjoys video games, visits animal sanctuaries, and plays tennis.