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A Short History of Vision III Imaging, Inc.

Vision III Imaging, Inc. is an imaging technology company based in Reston, Virginia.

The Company specializes in technologies that capture and/or present three-dimensional (parallax) information over time for entertainment and military applications. The Company's parallax visualization technologies are marketed under the brand v3®.

The Company was founded in October of 1989 by Chris Mayhew and Toxey Califf as unlikely a pair of entrepreneurs as there ever was.

Chris was a producer of cartoon animation and Toxey was a retired Naval Captain. The two shared a passion for 3D imaging and wanted to build a business around a unique three-dimensional imaging technique Chris had developed, which created a 3D illusion on a regular movie or TV screen without glasses.

The following year Chris published a paper in the October 1990 Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) Journal titled, Texture and Depth Enhancement for Motion Pictures and Television.

The paper detailed Chris' three-dimensional imaging experiments with a prototype video camera system called the Teeter-Totter. The camera produced a 3D image on a standard television without the need for special glasses or screens. Around the same time, Chris and Toxey were able to add some additional talent to group in the area of business financing. This enabled the Company to grow and continue to develop and improve its v3 technologies.

Since its inception, the Company has raised more than $21 million in investment capital and earned 18 issued U.S. Patents the area of autostereoscopic (automatic depth perception).