QuickS3DX 2.0 Plug-In

GPU enhanced stereoscopic 3D editing in Adobe® Premiere® Pro

v3 is dimensional.

Everything else is just flat.®


Vision III Imaging Inc. (v3) is happy to announce the release of the GPU enhanced QuickS3DX® 2.0 for Adobe Premiere Pro® Pro and After Effects®.

QuickS3DX 2.0 includes:

  • GPU accelerated QuickS3DX plug-in for Premiere Pro - Up to 17 times faster rendering and playback!
  • Quick3D Pro for After Effects - Bring your Premiere Pro edits into the After Effects workflow!
The QS3DX toolset is perfectly suited for editing stereoscopic content created with surgical, industrial and microscopic 3D imaging devices. v3 makes managing and editing 3D medical video fast and efficient. The same is true for editing stereoscopic content captured with an laboratory or industrial imaging device.

Try out the QuickS3DX 2.0 for 7 days free!


The new QS3DX 2.0 makes it more easy than ever to align your stereo pairs right inside Adobe Premiere Pro's preview window. With the new "Looking Glass" feature, users can efficiently and quickly align their image with sub-pixel accuracy. The Quicks3DX toolset remains the only tool on the market allows for perfect sub-pixel alignment right inside the Adobe workflow.


The QuickS3DX 2.0 plug-in is only for Adobe Creative Cloud users(CS6 and previous versions of Adobe do not support GPU acceleration). All software and hardware requirements for Adobe Creative Cloud apply to the QuickS3DX plug-in. In addition, the GPU accelerated plug-in is only for Adobe Premiere Pro. After Effects users still get the CPU based QuickS3D Pro plug-in with the purchase of the QuickS3DX plug-in.

The QuickS3DX 2.0 is compatible with all OpenCL and CUDA graphics cards supported by Adobe for Windows users! For Mac users, OpenCL cards are supported. For a list of supported video cards and Adobe requirements, please check the Adobe website.

Some graphics cards that are not listed in the Adobe site still work with the QuickS3DX plug-in(Any graphics cards 1GB GDDR5 and above could work but make sure the driver is up to date)! PLEASE TRY OUT THE QUICKS3DX YOURSELF FREE FOR 7 DAYS TO SEE IF YOUR CARD IS COMPATIBLE!