Real Shot™ Services

3D Enhanced Internet Advertising on 2D screens

v3 is dimensional.

Everything else is just flat.®

Embed 3D information into animated graphics

Real Shot is a Vision III Imaging, Inc. (v3) proprietary technology that uses critical alignment and the presentation of parallax over time to embed three-dimensional information into animated graphics and image action cycles. The addition of three-dimensional parallax information into the image animation enhances the texture and causes the picture to "POP" of the page.

Full Service Production

The Real Shot production process involves capturing imagery in a specific manner using a custom camera system. The captured imagery is critically aligned and the parallax is sequenced in the specific Real Shot manner. Computer graphics can easily be produced and assembled in a similar manner. v3 is a one stop shop that can produce the entire advertisement or promotion for a client.

Advertising and Promotion

Real Shot is a unique and valuable imaging process. It is a powerful cost effective and eye catching advertising and promotional tool. Contact Vision III Imaging, Inc. to see how we can help you meet your Internet and broadcast advertising and promo needs.

If you are interested in RealShot Services, please contact Vision III:
phone: 703-476-6762

Real Shot Ad Examples